EST&OST is a European network of photographers and photographic collectives specializing in Eastern Europe. EST&OST constantly presents a coverage of current events and social issues in Central and Eastern Europe, based on a perfect understanding of the region and the subjects at hand. EST&OST has two offices, one in Paris and one in Budapest, to serve the needs of picture editors and journalists looking for photographs and exclusive coverage. It is also a showcase for Eastern European photography by seeking and featuring new talents, presenting exclusive picture archives or producing new photographic exhibitions.
EST&OST photographs have been published, among many others, in the following magazines: L'Express, Le Figaro Magazine, Le Point, Le Monde 2, Capital, Telerama, Der Spiegel, Stern, Facts, WirtschaftsWoche, Profil, The New York Times, Newsweek.
EST&OST was founded in 2008 by merging the small agency structures of French ,,collectif-EST" and German ,,ostphoto". We welcome all our old and new editorial and corporate clients to our new website. Stay assured that nothing will change regarding the fast, reliable and competent handling of your requests and assignments!
Paris office: Bruno Cogez (French, English, Romanian, Russian), phone +33-1-46425245, mobile +33-6-32085225, mail: cogez@estost.fr
Budapest office: Martin Fejer (German, English, Swedish, Hungarian), phone +36-1-3031825, mobile +49-171-8371278, mail: fejer@estost.de
Legal Statement: All the photographic and written material presented on this website is copyright protected by international laws and regulations. No unauthorized use whatsoever will be accepted, any infringements will be sued. EST&OST is run under the common supervision and responsibility of Bruno Cogez, 4, rue Jules Edouard Voisembert, F-92130 Issy les Moulineaux and Martin Fejer, Sonntagstr. 2, D-10245 Berlin. Places of court are Paris and Berlin. See our Terms and Conditions of Business.