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UKRAINE, Chernobyl, 2005/04/01<br />
PARISHEV - Parishev is a small village situated some 10 kilometers from the site of the nuclear power plant of Chernobyl (Ukraine). The village has been evacuated one week after the disaster. However, many inhabitants didn't want to leave and tried to resist the evacuation. Michail Urupa does well remember the moment when 13 soldiers surrounded his house and ordered him to leave which he refused. Therefore soldiers forced him to do so by pulling his arms and legs. Michail Urupa and his wife Marianka came back illegally in the autumn of the same year. Today there are altogether 18 "returnees" living in Parishev. Michael produces home-brewed vodka out of bread (Parishev, 1st April 2005).<br />
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