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Belarus/Weissrussland, 2005/03/24<br />
BYKHOV. Anna Vikentievna Dravgalis is a tragic victim of both - the Soviet communist regime and the Chernobyl disaster. During the 2nd World War she had been taken to Germany to do forced labour. After the War she went to Canada together with her husband Rafael Victorovitch Polansky to find a new home. There they found employment at the Russian Section of the CBS radio station. They bought a house in Montreal and Anna gave birth to her son, Viktor. After a while they received Canadian citizenship. One day she got a letter saying that her mother had died asking her to come to the funeral to Belorussia. When Anna Dravgalis went to Belarus she got to know that her mother had died some 10 years before and that the letter about her mother's death was forged by the KGB. She was never able to go back to Montreal again. Her Canadian passport was confiscated by Soviet authorities. Since that time Anna was held in home-confinement for more than 30 years. All her attempts to get in contact with her family were blighted. Belarussian authorities declared that she had collaborated with the Germans during the 2nd World War and did not allow her to find any suitable job. She survived by growing vegetables on a small piece of her garden. This garden is contaminated by fallout of radioactive Cesium 137 from the Chernobyl disaster. Now she is living in small run-down flat, dreaming to see her son again before she dies.<br />
? Vaclav Vasku/EST&OST