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Belarus/Weissrussland, 2005<br />
KUZKAVITCHI. Elena Kosiakova (26), mother of three children is living in the village of Kuskavitchi some 20 km from the small town Bykhov in the Mogilev region (Belarus). This region was heavily contaminated by radioactive fallout after the Chernobyl disaster. The village Kuskavitchi was contaminated up to 15 Curie per square kilometer. According to Western standards this village should be evacuated immediately. Elena lives of some 220 000 Belorussian rubles (100 US dollars) per month, which she gets from the social services of the government. Despite of the lack of money she has adopted two more children, because their parents were not able to provide for them.<br />
? Vaclav Vasku/EST&OST