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UKRAINE, Chernobyl, 2005/07/27<br />
CHERNOBYL SARCOPHAGUS - Danger signs, close to the Chernobyl sarcophagus indicate places with high levels of radioactivity.  The world's worst nuclear catastrophy took place right here on Unit 4. Chernobyl nuclear power plant at 1:23 am, 26th April 1986. Scientists estimated that radioctive debris blew up to an altitude of 1 kilometer and contaminated a substantial part of Europe, mainly Belarus, Russia and Ukraine. More than 35 000 soldiers of Soviet Red Army were forced to put their lives at risk during the clean-up work on the the roof of 3. Unit. They were later known as "Biorobots". Another more than 600 000 so called "Liquidators" helped clean up the site and build a shelter (sarcophagus) above the broken reactor. today the sarcophagus is full of cracks and holes. Scientists still have no comprehensive information on what is happening inside the reactor. There are concerns that rain water could trigger a chain reaction again (Chernobyl, 27th  July 2005).<br />
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