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UKRAINE, Chernobyl, 2005/07/28<br />
GHOST TOWN - Before the Chernobyl's accident, the town of Pripyat was considered as a model city in the former Soviet union. More than 48 000 inhabitants were living here - less than 3 kilometers from the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, a lot of them were employed directly in the power plant. Today Pripyat is like a ghost town. Toys in a kindergarten lie in the same fashion as they were put away by children after the catastrophe. Children's gas-mask laying next to doll is only another cruel paradox: A week before nuclear accident children were trained to use safety equipment against nuclear danger. But no single gas mask was used in the day of accident (Pripyat, 28th July 2005).<br />
© Vaclav Vasku/EST&OST